Friday, December 26, 2008

Lets just say I had no idea....

Ben went crazy this Christmas. That is the only way I can explain it.
So to begin my story let me take you back......way back. Some time ago we played wii at our friend's house (Steve and Kim Page) and it was so much fun! It had to be the only video game I could actually play (because you don't have to push buttons to make it work.) But I always swore that I would never have video games in my house. It was against my principles! Then they came out with the wii fit and.......I thought hey a way to work out and track my progress with out going to the gym. But it was waaaaay to expensive for my liking. I was willing to wait until the whole thing cost under 100 dollars. Maybe when our first born son left the house or something.
Then I had our first born son and realized that I could never leave the house to exercise unless I wanted to A. wake up before Ben to go run. B. go to a gym and hire a babysitter. or C. wait until Ben got out of school (after 5 most days) So I really wanted someway to exercise inside as I only have two workout videos. I said that I wanted a wii fit, but I meant that I wanted one someday when we could afford it and all.
Ben decided that he would get me the wii and the wii fit for Christmas. I couldn't believe it! It was two much. Did I also mention that he got me the ENTIRE Little house on the Prairie books, That is like 9 books!
My husband spoils me.
Well I guess that it is half for him too. He enjoys playing with it also.
It is really interesting....The wii fit measures your real age. Ben (29) is truly 31 and I (24) am drum roll please.....38!!! what the heck! I need to work on a couple things. Nothing like having a computer tell you that you are a weakling. Even weaker than your husband that hasn't worked out in who knows how long and who loves to eat junk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I digress.........
Anywho it is now almost 11 o'clock in the pm so I shall be signing off.
Love you all

Ben decided that


Johnny and Jenette said...

You guys are stinkin' OLD!!! I did one of those things once that tell you your "real age" and it said I was 18. I was 28 at the time. I'll purchase you two a couple of walkers for next Christmas. Enjoy.

Jennifer Rose said...

Well I beat you all. I am according to wii fit 51. Yes, yes, thankyou, thankyou. Please hold your applause. (I've recently lost 10lbs. Can you imagine how old I'd be if I hadn't?)

Hayes said...

I am jealous. I want one but like you said they cost too much. But I guess I can't complain to much because I got new sewing machine for Christmas. Maybe next year.