Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love these things (sorry)

I read this on my sister Amy's blog. I love these for some reason. I love to read them and do them. So bear with me:

Where is your phone? it is sitting on top of the TV

Your hair color? some would call it dishwater blond. I would call it dark honey. I live a rich fantasy life :)

Your mother? Probably asleep in Utah right now

Your father? Idaho

Your favorite thing? right now? I love to check stuff online I live for updated posts and looking up movies on imbd. I just love the trivia section

Your dream last night? This is lame...I usually have really involved dreams, but last night I dreamed about my blog....yes it is true and lame sorry I wish it was better

Your dream/goal? To be able to pass my PT test next april....yeah

Your hobby? I love to read and check blogs and all things on line

Room you're in? Family room/kitchen/dining room (we have a small house)

Your fear? That Ben will die or Josh will die. That I will be all alone. I hate being alone

Where do you want to be in six years? I will be thirty Josh will be six and Ben will be hopefully gainfully employed and we will have paid our student loans mostly down. I hate being in debt.

Where were you last night? watched NCIS and the Mentalist and then made Ben go to bed before 11:30

One of your wish list items? lets see is it too much to ask for my family to be here right now? I thought so. I would wish for some new shoes and jeans and heck for Stacy and Clint from What not to wear to outfit me in a whole new wardrobe. That would be awsome!

What you're not? Tired even though it is 11:28 pm yup!

The last thing you did? fed Josh and tried to burp him.

Your TV? playing Frazier it is surpisingly funny. I wish that it didn't come on so late though

Your pets? nada we are both allergic. Does my husband count?

Your computer? is there, on my desk.

Your mood? nonchalant

Missing someone? yes, I miss my family in Utah. I feel so homesick for them right now. I also miss my sister in Ohio and My other one in Spokane.

Your car? in my garage. Hopefully we will be able to fit it in there for a long while to come, stuff really does collect ya know...

Something you're not wearing? Shoes

Your summer? was spent in pregnancy induced lazynes. I did jack diddly squat

Love someone? All the time. I love my Hubby. I love my Son. I love my Family and I love just Love hershy kisses candy cane flavor

Your favorite color? green

When was the last time you laughed? everytime that I watch my sister Camilla's elf yourself! It is too funny! I lvoe to see her little baby's chubby face on a disco dancer. It just hits the spot.

Last time you cried? I was channel surfing and happend to watch Grey's Anatomy when they were operating on this woman and she gave birth but then she died and her husband came in a brought the baby to see her and say goodbye. Then he said "look what we made together" I teared up. It was so sad The baby was so cute and it just made my sad.

Well that was it. I am greatful for your attention and I hope that you enjoyed it.

Talk to you later

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Thora said...

I love green too, it's my favorite color. I also fear bieng alone - I think my worst fear is Avram dying. That's why I tend to make contingency plans, so if it happens I at least know what I'll do. (Move to Utah to be with family, get a job as a secretary, etc.)