Saturday, December 20, 2008

Randomness is my middle name...

1. List these rules on your blog.
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I was tagged by my sister Camilla (I love you Milla!)

1. I have a guilty pleasure. I love to read celebrity gossip! It is so bad. I am constantly checking MSN's entertainment section to see who is too skinny, who got arrested, who is dating whom, who is pregnant, and who wore that ugly outfit. My sister in law Spring and I will look at magazines together and talk about all of the Celeb's. We are so bad....

2. I still have nightmares. If I watch even a edited scary movie on TV, I will have nightmares. Ben will make me change the channel if it gets scary in the least. He says that I am not allowed to watch such things.

3. When I was little I had (still d0) an Overactive imagination. I would sit in our living room on a couch cushion and pretend that I was on a raft in the middle of the ocean. It was winter and my ship had sunk and I was all alone with my baby. We were cold and starving. Eventually my baby would "die" and I would have to throw it into the ocean. I was very melodramatic about it too, with heaving sobs and cries of "my baby, my baby..." I was a strange child.

4. I know a million random (useless Ben says) facts. I once told Ben when we were on a walk over by some train tracks that the reason that the train sounds louder after it has passed is that the sound waves have yet to travel to you. Yeah I even own a book that is titled "Stories behind everyday things" I love to read those bathroom readers that have strange facts in them.

5. I love to sweep! Even when I was 9 months pregnant and my feet looked like small wiener dogs I would still want to sweep and mop and vacuum the floor. I started to like it when I was in basic training. I loved to see how big of a pile I could get. I also love to empty the filter and the container on our vacuum to see how much gunk that came up off the floor. If Ben gave me a cool vacuum for Christmas I would be forever happy.

6. I never believed in Santa. Ben's family thinks that I am crazy. I just never did. I am not sure that I want my kids to believe in Santa either. Maybe just as a nice story or tradition.

7. I cloth diaper. Some think that I am crazy. I just like them so much more. We just took a trip down to Utah and we used disposable diapers while we were there ( I wasn't going to ask my sister to wash them in her washer, also I would have had to take a second suitcase just for them). I had never had so many leaks, up the back and such! We had to soak like 3 of Josh's outfits while we were there. I just think that they are better... for me that is.

I tag anyone.....I don't have many blogger friends yet that haven't been tagged
I love you

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Jennifer Rose said...

I'm sorry Mary, but I just laughed so much at your #3 when you described the "heaving sobs and cries." That makes me think of Anne of Green Gables... And I really laughed at your #5 when you said your feet look liked small weiner dogs. That's hillarious. I'm still laughing at the weiner dogs.