Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

That's a big pig....

Mary and her friend Stephanie riding the pig

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sir Walter Raleigh made a visit

Remember (for those of you in Mary's side of the family) When Mom told us that someone important was coming for dinner and we cleaned the entire house and it ended up being a TAPE! One that was called something like Beethoven comes to dinner or something. We had Sir Walter Raleigh over for dinner. Sorta... see below :)
Well not really........Joshua kinda looked like him.

For the first time I made Sunday dinner for us. We have always eaten at Ben's parents house. They are out of town so I made Corn and Gravy,

Mashed potatoes

And Oven Fried Chicken! (thanks Thora for the recipe!)

Here is the whole spread. (Josh had green beans)

This is from a preparedness fair our ward had. I made a dried apple pie. It tasted ok (I don't like apple pie) I had the hardest time making the crust for some reason. Made me want to pull out my hair. I had to throw a whole batch away!

Josh loves to play with the lid of his booster seat.

I love it when he looks at us through it!

Here he is looking though it again

Chewing on a tooth brush Mommy got at the dentist. (don't worry I never used it)

See you have to hold it correctly and then place it on the tooth in 45 degree angle toward the gum and brush in circles....Daddy taught

More bread.

first time it ever looked and tasted good.

pretty flower

nother view