Sunday, December 27, 2009


Uncle Johnny, Aunt Jenette, and cousin Robby visited for Christmas! This is just a couple of pictures from Christmas, more may follow later....

Joshua opening a present on Christmas Eve...

A tie! and a fun sacrament game...

And you may notice Joshua's new haircut, but it's been a couple of weeks now, almost time for another one!

He walks!...and runs....and destroys

Joshua has been walking for a couple of weeks now, this is at our friends house, he loves their dogs! One of the dogs loves to play with Joshua ( a little too much) but the one in this video runs away from him, it's cute. Finally video proof of him walking!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The cuteness

So here is the cutie...Alexander came over to play one day and we went into Josh room to change Josh's diaper. Alexander wandered in and wanted to get into Josh's crib. So I put him in. Josh saw Alexander in the crib and thought that it looked fun....So here they are.

Don't you love the dribble trail?

Josh looks so old in this one. He is not a baby anymore!

Josh says.....DA! DA! and Dank ooooo. (practically the only words he says regularly)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

smell good stuff

For Thora, Mom, and Andrea....and who ever else still reads this thing lacking in content. The first couple of pics are for Thora so she can see the tree and how handy I was with a vase.

So a long time ago I saw a commercial that showed some kids running into a kitchen and there were these oranges on the table in a bowl. The oranges had cloves stuck into them in various designs.....So beautiful (I think that it was a Safeway add or something, I know random)

Well it stuck with me all these years. This year I decided that I wanted to make them. I though how hard could it be you stick cloves into oranges. I looked up "orange clove ball" and waddya know, there were step by step, picture laden how-to's. So I clicked on a bunch and some had you wrap a ribbon around before you put in the cloves, some after. Some said that you should pierce the holes before you put in the cloves, some went so far to say that you should use a ice pick...yeah. Who has a ice pick? Some others suggested that you roll your orange ball thingy in a bunch of spices (one of which was something called orris root?) after you do it, then store it in a brown paper bag with the spices. You leave it there for 3 weeks. Then you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labors, no pun intended.

Well I decided to make it simple.

Step 1. Grab orange

Step 2. Grab whole cloves

Step 3. Poke any ole design with a paper clip, some I put ribbon on some without.

Step 4. Put in bowl and enjoy.

It was really easy and my house smells amazing. You should come over! (I am not kidding by the way...
Here is some pics

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ben and Mary on an average relaxing evening...

Joshua heading out on the town....

And a couple more just for good measure...
Just relaxin....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A year of Awesomeness!

So here he is...from big to little because that is how it worked out in the loading of pictures. Sorry there is so many...He is too cute! Besides there are some here that you may have not seen before!
Unfortunately he would not take a bite of the cake...He really needed a nap!

Some friends that came. From left to right Keera (you can barely see her) Heath, Grammy Uncle Mark, Tori and Her mom Carol, Dave holding Josh's girl Lizzie, Jen sitting, Spring in profile and my big grey head. Yeah my hair is actually supposed to be brown...oh well

Here we have cousin Alexander, Me frustrated at the icing, Joshy boy, and Ashley my friend Keera's boy.

Josh and Ben "barking" at cars. A favorite pastime of both...

Piano also a favorite.

Wearing the cute shoes that auntie Camilla gave him. Usually the only shoes he ever wears. All the others he can take off.

One of my favorite outfits ever!

Everyone that saw him sucking on this bottle gave me the weirdest looks. You could tell that they though that I was the weirdest mom.

Watching the fireworks in Steilacoom. Really cool this year

Chillin' with the momma

Josh likes to feed himself. Only he wont wear bibs anymore. I have to soak a lot of clothes

Wearing a newborn hat. What a silly boy. He has the best sense of humor!

Starting them young. Grandpa would be proud!

One of my favorite pics of all time! I just love the expression....

First Haircut by Mommy. Now Uncle Mark does them. He is a pro!

I miss this....

Before his first wonder everyone thought that he was a girl....such pretty locks

Love the smile! Man his hair was dark

playing with daddy!

So small! so cute!

So true!

She wishes that she could hold all her grand kids in her arms..... What a good grammy!

In his tux. Sorry about the washed out look. My camera was set weird and I didn't know it.

I miss him falling asleep on me....

I love this picture. The feet. The Popeye arms. The parted hair. The cute tummy! The mommy's boy shirt....

Babies are cute when they cry.

one week old!

Still loves his Nana!

First bath
the day it started!
Thank you for putting up with all the photos. I hope that you enjoyed them. I had fun looking through all of them. I can't believe that he is 1! He is so big and active. It will be cool to see how he changes next year...