Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Two-Part post!

The first part: (I uploaded the pictures in the right order but they are on here back ward so I will also go backwards)

Some neat and interesting things that happened this year:
It snowed like a foot! that almost never happens, So here is a picture for posterity (and Ben's family that doesn't live in WA)

This a picture from Joshua's blessing day Nov 30th. I love his cute little smile.....

He does this boxing thing a lot. I love my little tough guy....(his father dressed him by the way, hence the no matching)

I got pregnant and had a baby! (not like you didn't know, but it happened to me this year) This is me on my due date. I actually went in to labor on my due date but I didn't have him until 2 days later.......

Also things that I don't have pictures for:
Ben got in to Dental Hygiene school! only a year and a half left!
I got called to be in the YW presidency and Ben to the YM presidency.
That is all I can think of.
Now for the Second part:
I have been thinking a lot about traditions. Like my family for Christmas Eve would all gather and eat popcorn and then we would pass around the "Angel Candle" and say what our gift to Christ would be for that year. Ben's family does a pageant usually on Christmas Eve (not this year the only kid there was Josh and he is too small) They also like to sing songs and read some stories.
This year though we didn't do any of the traditions, my side or Ben's. For Christmas Eve we only had like 6 people at his parents house and no one really wanted to do much. We did have some yummy food and played some holiday games though. Ben and I really don't have our own traditions yet considering that this was only the second Christmas that we have spent with each other and his family.
So other than my inane rambling I wanted to write to you (6) readers and find out what traditions you have for Christmas and Birthdays and any other time of the year....
Love ya


Cinderella Man said...

Looks like Joshua needs a little work on his right hook but it appears that he has his jab down.

Barbara said...

Loved the summary and especially the pictures. We wont even talk about our snow because it is expected.

Mandie said...

A fun Christmas tradition that a friend told me about is having a candle lit Christmas dinner, we didn't do it this year but I think I would like to. Also food in the stockings, you know what I mean, not candy. Things like olives and artichokes, I love it.

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