Thursday, December 17, 2009

smell good stuff

For Thora, Mom, and Andrea....and who ever else still reads this thing lacking in content. The first couple of pics are for Thora so she can see the tree and how handy I was with a vase.

So a long time ago I saw a commercial that showed some kids running into a kitchen and there were these oranges on the table in a bowl. The oranges had cloves stuck into them in various designs.....So beautiful (I think that it was a Safeway add or something, I know random)

Well it stuck with me all these years. This year I decided that I wanted to make them. I though how hard could it be you stick cloves into oranges. I looked up "orange clove ball" and waddya know, there were step by step, picture laden how-to's. So I clicked on a bunch and some had you wrap a ribbon around before you put in the cloves, some after. Some said that you should pierce the holes before you put in the cloves, some went so far to say that you should use a ice pick...yeah. Who has a ice pick? Some others suggested that you roll your orange ball thingy in a bunch of spices (one of which was something called orris root?) after you do it, then store it in a brown paper bag with the spices. You leave it there for 3 weeks. Then you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labors, no pun intended.

Well I decided to make it simple.

Step 1. Grab orange

Step 2. Grab whole cloves

Step 3. Poke any ole design with a paper clip, some I put ribbon on some without.

Step 4. Put in bowl and enjoy.

It was really easy and my house smells amazing. You should come over! (I am not kidding by the way...
Here is some pics


Heidi Davies said...

Cute cute!!

Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

I have a memory of doing those when I was a kid. Maybe in school. My husband had no idea what I was talking about. Now I can show him a picture :) They look great!

Barbara said...

You cleaver kid. The only complaint I have about your post is that there is not a beautiful boy anywhere in it. I guess I'll go watch the elfs dance--again.

Andrea M said...

Yay Mary...Thanks for the great idea. I remember reading about this when I was super young. What a great idea. And yes, I read your blog every day impatiently waiting for new posts. Did you ever find my blog? Let me know if you have trouble. Thanks so much for the pretty pictures.

Mary said...

Andrea I now follow your blog. It was fun to read about your family and see pics of them. Thank you!
Mom- the reason there are no pictures of Josh is that I had the hardest time putting the pictures that I had up so.....I just just got fed up with it all....But I will edit it and put one up for you.
I love you!

Camilla said...

love it!! look at you ms crafty! :)