Saturday, December 19, 2009

The cuteness

So here is the cutie...Alexander came over to play one day and we went into Josh room to change Josh's diaper. Alexander wandered in and wanted to get into Josh's crib. So I put him in. Josh saw Alexander in the crib and thought that it looked fun....So here they are.

Don't you love the dribble trail?

Josh looks so old in this one. He is not a baby anymore!

Josh says.....DA! DA! and Dank ooooo. (practically the only words he says regularly)


Andrea M said...

He is brilliant. I love it when babies first learn to talk. It truly makes my heart beat faster. And yes, I LOVE the drool train. Little ones are so moist all the time. Love it!

Camilla said...

Mary, you seriously have the CUTEST little boy!!!! he is so adorable and i just want to snuggle him! love all the pictures! oh and arthur has the same song water thing in his crib :)

Barbara said...

That is much better. Good smelling oranges are nice but nothing compares with that beautiful boy. I only want to see him every weekend or more often. Woe is me.