Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute story of Josh

So yesterday while I was feeding Josh some applesauce waiting for his dinner to finish cooking he did this. I had some kix on his tray to suppliment the applesauce and so he could self feed. He kept on trying to hand me the kix so I put my hand out and he put the kix on my palm. Then he would close my fingers and open them again and again! It was so cute he kept at it for like 5 min or so. If I tried to trick him he would laugh so much and try to put the kix back.
It is so cool to see his little mind work and grow.
I love this stage!


Johnny and Jenette said...

We can't wait to meet the little guy!

Barbara said...

What a doll. I cannot wait to snuggle him and play with him.

Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

Hi Mary! Your baby boy is so big! He's absolutely adorable. It's so great to see our kids growing up. Wish you could've been at the reunion in July. Maybe I'll be able to see you next time!