Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sitting Bull and other stories

Ben and Josh in front of the Rhododendron.

I apparently have this macro setting that I am just barely figuring out...

In the box his highchair came in! Peekabo!

With a newborn sized hat on

New high chair that he can't fall out of!

The first time that my bread has looked good and Tasted good! The loaves were a little small though...

Our version of Laundry basket surprise...

I just give him his basket and he is usually good for a little while...

Yay for sitting up!

Alexander loves to have things on his head, even if it is my headband! :) ha ha Mark!

outdoor boy Alexander on another adventure!

Mark cheezing it up

Ben providing shade for Joshy.


Spring's Cousin Sarah and her Fiance Kelly.

They are starting to play together... but just barely.

Sucking on his thumb he started this after he started to teeth. Needless to say Ben tries to make him stop.

Having fun in the back yard.


Heidi Davies said...

I Love the first picture. So cute.

Barbara said...

Such pretty flowers. Such a darling boy.

Camilla said...

mary he is so big!! I love his blue eyes. He is seriously one of the cutest babies i have ever seen!! ( shhh dont tell my lil baldy i said so!) Wish i could visit you and him!

Jennifer Rose said...

Where'd josh get that hair peice? William wants one too. Just kidding, he's adorable.

Jennifer Rose said...

Oh, and Ben is looking pretty in those brown scrubs.

Sanda said...

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