Monday, February 16, 2009

My various needs....

Open up the Google search page and enter "[your name] needs" (substitute your own name), the whole phrase in quotation marks. Report on the first ten things that result.

Mary Needs the Lamb in School
Mary Needs to determine the best day to work her magic. (just you wait and see!)
Mary needs sleep (this is always true!)
Mary needs numbers
Mary needs to win
Mary needs stuff
Mary needs Saving
Mary needs overtime
Mary needs to get out and about more!
Mary needs a bit of independence

So there you go! That is what I need. It is good to know....:)


Phebe Muai said...

Hey Mary I hope you don't mind me coming and checking out your blog. I saw it on athena's blog page. We're all family right? :) Anyways, I just had to laugh at this blog! I typed my name in and only 2 things came up under my name- "Phebe needs to use her powers more," and "Phebe needs to brush her teeth!" I laughed pretty hard. There you go I have bad breath! Thanks for the laugh.

Nosey Nellie said...

Soo... what's Joshua doing these days?

Tom Brokaw said...

I'll tell ya what Mary update her blog. Lets see some pics of Joshy.